Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tinnerman Washers

I used Tinnerman Washers on my Spinner; one of those first time builder overkill moments. I had resigned myself to laying them out and meticulously cleaning and painting each and every one.

I don't want to do that. Frankly, I just want to go flying. So, I wondered if vinyl would give me another option.

Seems it does...

I first decided to just wrap the washers individually like so. I used a utility knife to try and cut around the washer but it was too dull. My Cork Borers and Exacto knife set are still on order, so I used scissors.

This pic shows the final result of individually wrapped Tinnerman washer and screw with vinyl screw head patch (previous post). From 3 inches it looks pretty good, from three feet it looks great.  (Final Step is to push vinyl into screw cross with a Phillips screwdriver.)

But is there a better way? I think cork borers might speed up the process, give more uniform and pleasing results (will update this post when I know for sure) and make slightly better looking washers, but still....

I was getting ready to put my test piece on the spinner, grabbed my screw driver to remove the screw and washer when lazy took over. I just put the vinyl over the screw/washer combo in place.

The result was pretty impressive not to mention surprising. I 'discovered' that I can set these washers permanently under the vinyl and eliminate wrapping each individually. Looks great, even at closer than a foot.

The washer becomes an subtle part of the spinner not a clunky (anal home builder assessment) add on. And no painting.

Added benefit is that you only lose screws when you remove the spinner, not the washers as well.

Ok, enough foreplay, lets wrap something! Next blog I start wrapping the gear leg pieces starting with the upper gear leg fairings.

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