Vinyl Wrap - Seeing For Myself

I am experimenting with Vinyl Wrap as a low cost alternative to painting my Van's Aircraft RV-8.

I ordered 3M 1080 series vinyl wrap in small 2' x 5' sections and put a small piece on the wing over the fuel filler cap and covering the junction of the fuel tank and the rest of the wing. If it is going to fail, it will fail here.

I also put a small patch on the spinner.. It has everything wrong about it; multiple layers, exposed edges (into the wind) and no enhancing adhesive.

Why the 3M 1080 series vinyl wrap? Had to start somewhere and this is specifically designed for vehicles. I may switch but as I said this is a learning curve.

Pictures of test patches will follow. No tantalizing 20' foot shot of the gorgeous finished wrap, but close ups of the screws and screw ups.

Painted Aircraft:
If you spent a lot of money for a meticulously done professional paint job you need not worry that a vinyl wrap will make you wish you hadn't. For you, my sections on dealing with screws, screw holes and Tinnerman washers may be of interest.